Many of our clients write to us to express their satisfaction with our high-quality fencing installations

It has taken me many years to establish my riding stable. Obviously the location has to be in the semi-rural outskirts of the city to accommodate paddocks large enough for the presence of a dozen horses and stable buildings, and also we enjoy outrides in the surrounding lanes and fields, but this situation posed many security problems. Not only are my beloved horses extremely valuable, but our clients have to feel safe on our premises, and many of them are children. Fortunately other stable owners introduced me to the experienced contractors at HARTSFIELD’S WALLING AND FENCING. They visited my stable and suggested enclosing the entire area with concrete palisade fencing, which is durable enough to last me for years to come, and, as they explained, incredibly secure and a good deterrent for potential intruders. Considering the size of the area that was enclosed it was also very reasonably priced, and now I feel so safe and at ease, and able to run my dream business successfully.

As the chairman of the Residents’ Association of our suburb, the responsibility for security decisions falls largely on me. It is one that I take extremely seriously, particularly in these dangerous times. Our suburb is gated, with four booms on main access roads, but our residents wanted to feel completely safe in their homes and to be able to see their children play in their gardens and walk along the roads without fear. Colleagues recommended HARTSFIELD’S WALLING AND FENCING, who specialise in concrete palisade fencing. This turned out to be the ideal solution to our suburb’s security requirements, once municipal permission was granted. Not only is it an incomparably strong barricade, durable and long-lasting and therefore very cost-effective, but it is also almost impossible for intruders to climb, and the contractors also put us in touch with a company that installed strategically placed cameras on the fencing. Despite the extremely large area to be enclosed, the work was done efficiently and quickly, the palisades being very convenient to install. The residents are delighted with the result, as is the Association.

I do a great deal of work at a community centre in a disadvantaged area. The city generously donated some adjoining land and sponsors arranged for the laying out of a soccer field and a basketball court. These facilities are going to make an incredible contribution to keeping children from deprived backgrounds away from the dangers of the streets and giving them a safe refuge after school and at weekends. However, the area obviously has high crime rates, and we had to find an effective barrier to stand between its dangers and our vulnerable young people. Kind benefactors agreed to pay for a concrete palisade fence installed by HARTSFIELD’S WALLING AND FENCING. This fence is something that we can rely on for security, and it was great value for our donors’ money because it is long-lasting and needs incredibly little maintenance. And our playing fields are visible through the fence as a shining example to the community.

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