Precast Walling Johannesburg

Office parks are an increasingly popular trend in commercial property throughout the city. The concept has numerous security benefits for the wide variety of businesses and practices existing within the complex : safe parking for employees and clients, a communally administered security service, and a secure area within which all this operates. This area must, first and foremost, have reliable and durable fencing.

We are a Precast Walling Johannesburg  and fencing company with many years of experience in the commercial and industrial sector, and we have been responsible for fencing many office parks with concrete palisade fencing. The security benefits of this tough, almost indestructible fencing option are numerous.

The concrete pales provide no footholds for climbing and have sharp edges that are impossible to grip. Further spikes and other devices can be added to the cross bars as additional deterrents, and closed circuit television cameras mounted at sensitive points complete the security setting for many of our clients. It is also widely accepted that a fence that allows visual access into the property actually deters intruders by providing them with no screening for their activities as high walls would.

Precast concrete palisades are cost-effective and convenient to install when enclosing a large area. As an added advantage, office parks are usually attractively designed with beautifully landscaped garden areas, and palisade fencing allows privacy without losing the aesthetic appeal of these features behind unsightly concrete walls.

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