These are some issues often raised by prospective clients considering the installation of concrete palisade fencingĀ  –

What are the advantages of concrete over steel palisades?
Primarily concrete scores over steel in terms of strength – its durability and resilience are not comparable to steel or any other material. Concrete pales are also not susceptible to rust as steel pales are, and therefore are more cost-effective because they do not need to be regularly treated and repainted, keeping their appearance and condition for years. Finally, steel and iron are tempting to those wishing to acquire material as scrap, whereas concrete has no value in this regard.

Isn’t it more secure to erect a solid brick or concrete wall around my property, rather than a palisade fence?
Actually it has always been a strongly held belief in security circles that the opposite is true. A solid wall, once intruders have climbed it, using its surface for footholds, provides criminals with a screen behind which they can steal and vandalise safe from notice. A palisade fence, while also much harder to grip for climbing purposes, does not give any cover and intruders inside your property would undoubtedly be noticed, so its deterrent value is high.

My business is located in a high-crime area – what additional security features are compatible with concrete palisade fencing?
Highly secure just by virtue of its strength, concrete palisade fencing is resistant to climbing because of its essential structure, the sharp edges of the palings and lack of footholds. It can be made even more secure by the addition of anti-climb spikes and spurs on the cross-bars.
Closed circuit television cameras can also be mounted on the fence at corners and other strategic points for even greater security.

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