Boundary Walls Johannesburg

As a factory owner, you will definitely be acutely aware of the need for secure fencing for your property. The welfare of your employees and the safety of your valuable plant, machinery and vehicles, and of your stock or merchandise, is of paramount importance. Breaches of security could cause irreparable damage to your business.

As walling and fencing experts working with factory owners, we regularly recommend the installation of concrete palisade fencing, a far more secure and cost-effective option than solid walling, for numerous reasons.

Concrete pales are tough, durable and resilient and create a powerful deterrent to anyone planning a breach of security. Not only is the fencing nearly impossible to scale, but the open fencing means that a large-scale theft operation would attract immediate notice. This has been proven to deter intruders.

Because Boundary Walls Johannesburg  realise that our clients operate within carefully planned economic conditions, we fully understand the need for cost-effective fencing options. Concrete palisade fencing, with its extremely low maintenance needs and tough long-term durability, makes it a sensible choice from a financial viewpoint. And it is also quick and convenient to install, which will cause the minimum of disruption to the operation of your factory.

Call Boundary Walls Johannesburg ¬†without delay to arrange a visit from our experienced fencing consultants to assess your factory’s specific needs.